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These testimonials are printed with the permission of my clients.

A year after receiving my chart, it continues to astound me as to its accuracy, in that what jumps out of each page is the story of myself: my journey so far and what I can become.
It explains what all the struggles have been about; the hopes, the fears, and more importantly, how to release myself from all that holds me back, and to move forwards into the potential of who I really am! It is the best present I have ever bought myself!

Diana, Devon UK

Heartfelt thanks Tanya for your amazing gift at reading karmic patterns from a birth chart. It's like seeing a jigsaw complete - the whole picture is there and the truth of the information resonates at a very deep level. What has been unconscious has been brought to the surface allowing insights and realisations to occur both of which help to increase the level of awareness.

Immediately I could see what patterns I was still repeating and caught up in - especially my perfectionist trait and how it was playing out in my physical health issues. I was then able to be aware of the beauty of the imperfections. The magic happens when the mind is satisfied and the embodiment of the knowledge takes place. Sinking into the joy of being oneself allows the heart the freedom to express the new perception of what is.

Living life as your true self - as opposed to living through conditioning - is our unique service to the wholeness of humanity. Thank you Tanya for your contribution in making that happen.

Nancy C. Fields, Wigtown, Scotland

Tanya's masterful analysis really opened my mind. It is truly amazing what can be deduced from the astrological chart! Tanya has read me like an open book. The reading is worth every penny - and so much more as well. God led me to Tanya's ad in Kindred Spirit, and I am very grateful: in nearly four decades of seeking her reading is the most comprehensive and profound I have ever received. Tanya is providing a great service for humanity.

Michael Zimmermann, Massachusetts, USA

After reading how Tanya describes her work, and the testimonials of other people she has helped, I instinctively knew that she was the person I needed to do my karmic Life Chart. And I was certainly not disappointed! Everything is there; clear, perceptive and beautifully expressed in a way that invites you to come back and gain even deeper insight. It is in fact amazing how you feel drawn back to it, knowing that every time you return, you will understand something new. The other thing I find particularly compelling about her work is that, when you read it, you just feel it is "right". She is revealing something that, in fact, you already knew, that is already part of you. But something you might otherwise never have been able to bring into your conscious awareness... That is the most precious gift of all. Thank you, Tanya.

Gordon, Nimes, France.

About eight years ago Tanya did my Life Chart for me. Whenever I'm going through a challenging period or need direction in my life, I always find myself going back to the reading, and each time I find new meaning in the words. It's as if, when a catalyst for change in my life is initiated, the chart comes to life again to reveal my current truth. The saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear' is very true as the chart reveals new meaning in my current situation each time. So a big thank you Tanya, your work is so important I really wish you every success for the future.

Rachel Glendinning, Cambridgeshire, UK

The privilege of having Tanya produce a Life Chart for me at a critical point in my life was a manifestation of the Universal Bounty – I remember well reading through this detailed report and quite suddenly beginning to understand more about myself as things clicked into place.
I have always found Tanya to be a delightful person to speak with, clear, unassuming and straightforward, with complete integrity.

Tanya's work is helpful, her guidance profound and I remember remarking, once I had collected myself after reading her initial Life Chart, that I found her insights 'stunning'. Tanya does not interfere with life's mysteries, rather she leads one to make sense of what is unfolding, thereby giving it more of a chance to take place without being blocked.

Tanya wrote my Life Chart in 2000. It remains a critical reference document, and I have had an annual review each year. I also commissioned a Life Chart for my brother as his birthday present in 2000 - one of the best gifts he could have had.

John T, Sweden

I am a spiritual/clairsentient counsellor and had become blocked in my path to serve others. It has been a revelation to read through (many times) the content of my karmic chart. Tanya's superb command of English and her deep spirituality shines through each page of information. I sought her out because I was unsure of my true soul purpose, and suspected my fears to reach out to an audience was a karmic block. I have solved my queries and overcome my fears thanks to the incredible insight the chart has given me. Furthermore the chart has helped me to see other areas in which I can now work with and indeed it gave me great inspiration as I feel I am on my correct path and have overcome many of this lifetime's lessons already. I am thinking I may order charts for both my adult children as I believe I would have benefited greatly from this type of insight earlier on in life!!! Heartfelt thanks to you Tanya and may you go on to help many more people stuck on their life path.

Julie Connor, Suffolk, UK

I was going through a challenging and confusing time when I lost my job. As a spiritual seeker I was intrigued by Tanya's ad claiming to decipher issues to do with karma and soul purpose. When her reading arrived, it turned out to be a real beacon of light, and helped me to understand my situation from a spiritual perspective and helped me consider my options going forward differently.
Tanya has a very rare gift, I recommend her most highly, particularly for people with a spiritual orientation.

Lorenzo, London

In 2012 I was lead to Tanya by my Spirit Guide. I was struggling (at 60) with a situation in which I had encountered a soul mate who had emotionally turned my world upside down. I had Tanya do a Life Chart and a Relationship Chart and was awestruck and thrilled as I read through them! Tanya has a true gift when it comes to analyzing and preparing the readings. Not only does she have years of experience to reference and call on; but she also has a gift of intuitively understanding how all those pieces of past lives come together in a chart to define who you are in this life, and areas you have chosen to work on. I find myself re-reading my Life Chart often, and when I do, I always discover new information that I had not seen before.

I love the way that Tanya gets to the heart of the matter, pulling no punches, allowing you to see and feel the issues from your past in a clear and unbiased manner. If we are willing to accept those areas where we need change; Tanya's readings will provide guidance and direction.

I would strongly encourage anyone who has a belief in past lives, karma and a desire to understand and know themselves better to have a reading done by Tanya. She truly has been blessed with a gift extraordinaire in the field of Karmic Astrology and in presenting the information in a manner easily understood.

Barb McNemar-Haren, San Dimas, CA, USA

Tanya Hitchcock is a very intuitive and astute karmic astrologer. She did my life chart for me a few years ago and it has been a great help to me, especially when I received my spiritual name. This tied in perfectly with her prediction and this current life for me is to serve and heal. My spiritual name means just that - and there is, for me, no such thing as a coincidence.

Eve Seva Simran Kaur, London, UK

The life chart that Tanya prepared for me has been a wonderful tool for self-awareness. I find it to be thoughtful, accurate, detailed and clear. It is a resource that I refer to regularly and each time it offers me new insights into my life and personality. It has been invaluable.

Julie, North Carolina, USA

I have kept my first life chart done by Tanya for over ten years now. Through the years I have gone back to read it again and again - each time some new insight and understanding would emerge... and I am amazed at how accurate the chart has been. I recently had Tanya do a new life chart for me, together with a Soul chart for my daughter and a life chart for my husband. They have all been very insightful, inspiring and helpful on many different levels. Tanya is a really good astrologer and her genuine care for her clients is refreshing. It is easy to see that Tanya is passionate about her work... I thank her for sharing her knowledge and insights... and highly recommend her readings!

Nerise H, Queensland, Australia

After reading my Life Chart (several times) all I can say is WOW! I believe you have 'saved' me from my present life. I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect and wasn't even sure it would give me the answers I was looking for, but I can honestly say it is the best money I have ever spent in my search for answers and healing! Every paragraph gave me help and understanding from my childhood to now. I laughed in amazement at some of my incarnations because what you told me made me understand why I am like I am and why I have behaved the way I have. Your comments about my present-life mum have helped me forgive and understand her. I had forgotten that she herself has her own deep karmic losses. Thanks for reminding me.

Helen C, Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal

I decided to get a karmic chart after getting to know Tanya and seeing how intuitive and knowledgeable she was. The life chart is incredibly accurate. It has helped me understand myself on a much deeper level. It explains many of my feelings as a child and my journey so far. It is very detailed and reading it always gives me new insights. The chart and forecast has helped me clarify the path I am on and my personal development. It will be something which I will come back to again and again to further understand my journey.

Christopher S, Oxford, UK

I have known Tanya for quite some time and her genuine wish to help others make sense of their problems is quite apparent.
This capability shines through her stunningly accurate Readings, always expressed so beautifully. They show how, as life unfolds, difficulties can be used as opportunities for growth.
Many will undoubtedly have benefited from the wisdom imparted.
Now in recovery from M.E. for several years, it had seemed as if I would never be truly well again, but the reading I recently received changed my thinking and I am now inspired to look forward to the better times ahead.
Astrology has endless knowledge to impart, but I would say that Tanya is a more than adequate translator.

Stella B, Sheffield, UK

I have been receiving detailed forecasts from Tanya Hitchcock since 1989 when I started to become interested in astrology as a means of guidance in life. I have found her forecasts to be highly accurate and through these have discovered that Karmic Astrology has given me insights, understanding and help to fulfil my potential in this life.

Andrew, Hampshire, UK

Tanya provides a truly insightful reading written with depth and a sensitivity that is very reassuring. I will treasure the chart and I'm amazed already with the many startling accuracies that have given clarity for the way forward. I look forward to seeing how the chart will reflect the coming year ahead. Many thanks.

Vivien C, Leeds

As a client of Tanya's for many years, I am continually discovering more about myself and my life's purposes through regular Karmic forecasts, but I will always remember the day I received my Life Chart. I was filled with wonder, for here was an accurate and illuminating interpretation of my personality and life lived. I am now equipped to understand the purpose of my experiences and look forward to the future unfolding.

Sandra, Devon, UK

I found my Karmic Life Chart has acted like a candle of light in the forest of darkness. Tanya's sensitive, comprehensive, profound explanation of my present incarnation into this world as an 'adoptee' with only factual information has liberated and created vivid new perspectives. People's remarks and questions were the influencing factor into my request for karmic answers. Without this insightful chart I would still feel like a 'little girl lost'.

Teresa, London, UK

Tanya was recommended to me by a friend and I received a full karmic chart. The chart was detailed and quite a lot to take in, you definitely need to read them twice! It was extremely accurate and looked at my personality and how it related to Karmic lessons and past lives. I found this a useful tool in helping to understand life lessons. I have since recommended Tanya to several of my friends who have been very impressed.

Carolyn, London, UK

I recently received a life chart from Tanya with a dowsed birth time and was astounded by the accuracy of the information contained within it. Some of the information validated what I already knew, which is further confirmation of the clarity of information.

Tanya highlighted to me the areas in my life path which required the most attention and inspired me to proceed to heal those weaknesses with the strengths she also highlighted. Tanya provided me with a yearly forecast, all of which transpired at the relevant time scale which i found astounding.

I would heartily recommend Tanya to anyone due to her quiet strength that is conveyed in her forecasts, her perception and deep understanding of the karmic ties that bind us.

Louise, Lancashire, UK

I have known of Tanya for some time and when my son was born I felt a deeply familiar link with him, so I decided for his Christmas present at the age of eighteen months to get his karmic chart done, and I was absolutely blown away. It explained so many things already manifested in his little character, his incredible attention to detail and very developed communication skills, and also our karmic link together. It will be a guide for me for many, many years and when he is old enough to understand it will give him amazing insight. Thank you Tanya, I have recommended you to others and I will be asking for more of your incredible work.

Laura, Suffolk, UK

I am very pleased with the Life Chart Tanya compiled for me. I read it through a few times and took on the comments. I found it amazing, and there were a few 'Wow' moments included. The reading has given me a lot to think about, and in some respects given me some direction, where I thought there was none, and in that respect I have felt grounded and settled by the experience. I don't feel quite so confused. I can also see that there may be another career path that I should be following, but maybe the time isn't quite right just yet. In these unsettling times it is comforting to know that I have other choices to follow, and for that I am indebted to Tanya.

Caroline M., Essex, UK

I found the Life Chart amazing. It just seems to make sense; it helped me accept aspects of my life which I couldn't quite understand, or which I had battled with. It is the kind of report you want to read again. Highly recommended.

Benedicte, Annemasse, France