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"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself"


Tanya Hitchcock

Tanya Hitchcock

From very early in the present incarnation I pondered the mysteries of life and searched for the deeper meaning underlying our experiences. As a child I yearned for answers to fundamental questions: why was I me and not someone else, why was I born in this country, to these parents, in these circumstances? I could not accept that these were arbitrary events.

My passion for astrology began in childhood, around the age of nine. In my early 20's I taught myself how to cast a birth chart, before studying the subject formally with the Mayo School of Astrology. The subject was exciting and felt familiar to me, as if I was drawing on ancient knowledge. It brought order and meaning to the apparent randomness of life experience and the diversity of inner drives I had observed in myself and other people.

With time I knew I needed to take the study a step further. Studies into karma and reincarnation, specifically Eastern Mysticism, led me to karmic astrology. I was then able to see within each birth chart the Plan for spiritual awakening.

Through astrology I have seen the perfection of cosmic law at work in our lives, and developed a profound respect for the value of this ancient and beautiful art as a valuable tool for self-realisation. I have had the opportunity to work with clients from a broad range of backgrounds and nationalities. The secrets of the birth chart continue to manifest themselves to me daily as an ever-unfolding process.

My own spiritual journey has been a series of revelations, and increasing awareness that within our deepest wounds and issues lie opportunities for spiritual awakening. However it is my experience that inner transformation can only occur when we truly want to change. Our enquiry must be serious and intent.

I have explored many different spiritual philosophies and teachings. Although all aim to assist us on our inner journey, I have learnt through meditation practice that spiritual truth is found within, through self-observation and direct experience. We must be a light unto ourselves.

For me, a relatively simple life and close contact with nature are additional tools for accessing inner stillness, which is always present yet often hidden by recurring thought patterns that make up the ego. Only by gaining insight into the conditioning, attachments and securities that make up our thinking, can we begin to understand that which we are not, and thereby experience true freedom.

Tanya Hitchcock