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"Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the stage of life you can fulfil your high destined role."

~Paramahansa Yogananda

The Soul Purpose chart is an east-meets-west interpretation of the birth chart. It combines the karma and reincarnation principles of the east with an analytical approach to self-help which is associated with the west. It is about 7 pages long, and details your karmic lesson plan which underpins all current life experience. It reveals dominant past-life situations and repetitive themes, and how your attachments and resistance to change have caused recurring karmic experiences and deep insecurities. The reading shows you the challenges that are available to break new ground, and how prior-life talents and skills must be modified and expressed in new ways.

The Soul Purpose reading will answer fundamental questions about your life, where courage is needed to tread a new path and how every time that effort is made you are rewarded. It is an invaluable reminder of the direction you must take on your onward journey toward healing and wholeness.

All my readings are unique to each client. I only use computer software for calculation purposes. I assess and interpret every chart personally, linking up intuitively with my clients and drawing on my understanding of karmic astrology and the principles of karma and reincarnation.

Important! To cast a birth chart it is necessary to know the time, date and place of birth. Please don't guess your birth time, if you do your reading may not be accurate and the information could be misleading.

Please note! Your Soul Purpose is included in the Life Chart. You do not need to order both!