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"Relationship is a process of self-revelation. Only in relationship can you know yourself."

~J. Krishnamurti

Relationship Chart

All relationships offer us the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Prior to re-birth we choose the group of people we must incarnate with, in order to fulfil certain karmic requirements. Thus, we are reunited with those people for many lives until we have resolved the issues between us and moved on.

Not only can we deal with unfinished business with other souls, but we can also work with our own karmic patterns through the relationship and reach new levels of awakening, understanding and healing. In this way the other person is our teacher.

It is possible to assess the purpose behind a relationship and the current life lessons by looking at the way two birth charts combine. This combined chart explains why two souls are together and the nature of their past life connections.

As our life unfolds we attract whom we need at a time when we are ready to understand our lessons and fulfil our shared soul contract.

Important! To cast a birth chart it is necessary to know the time, date and place of birth. Please don't guess your birth time, if you do your reading may not be accurate and the information could be misleading.