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As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to old age,
the soul similarly passes into another body at death.


Our natural state of consciousness is Spirit. We are all unique waves of the ocean of oneness, or the Source. However from our earliest incarnations we forgot our true origin, and this was the beginning of the illusion that we are separate from our true identity - the Source - and from our fellow beings. Humanity has been caught up in this illusion for thousands of incarnations. The result has been fear, and misuse of free will which has caused immense suffering and tied us to the wheel of rebirth through the forces of karma.

The term 'soul' can be used to describe that part of us that survives the death of the physical body and travels in and out of physical incarnation, on an evolutionary journey that will eventually lead us to the true recognition of our natural Spiritual identity.

It is the process of reincarnation which enables the law of karma to fully operate. Each re-birth on the earth plane is an opportunity for us to discover how our ego has misled us and obscured our True Self. As we begin to remember we can use our free will to awaken to negative patterns, develop our gifts and re-unite with those with whom we have unfinished business.

Before each incarnation our soul chooses the best time, parents and location that allow us to work on aspects of our karma which will aid our journey to spiritual awakening.