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"Know thyself."


Life Chart

The Life Chart is an east-meets-west interpretation of the birth chart. It combines the karma and reincarnation principles of the east with an analytical approach to self-help which is associated with the west. The interpretation is highly detailed, about 17 pages long and encourages you to see that although you must meet your karma in the present life you can learn how to change from within and transcend the ego by taking a new pathway.

The purpose of the Life Chart is to awaken you to repetitive old patterns and the reasons behind them. It outlines the past-life situations, soul memories and residual lessons that you have brought into the present life and which have determined the nature of your karma and your pre-life plan. The Life Chart highlights your old patterns, and your wounds which are rooted in painful past-life conditions and must be recognised before they can be transformed into precious gifts and tools for spiritual awakening.

The Life Chart shows you how difficult conditions in the current life are to encourage you to think and behave in new ways. The more you eradicate old patterns the stronger you will be on an inner level and less at the mercy of negative karma. By becoming aware of old patterns you begin to function from your spiritual nature, your True Self. In this way you become more in tune with your destiny.

Practical guidance is offered for the present-life journey. Specific problems can be addressed and questions answered.

All my readings are unique to each client. I assess and interpret every chart personally and only use computer software for calculation purposes. I link up intuitively with my clients and draw on my understanding of karmic astrology and the principles of karma and reincarnation.

Important! To cast a birth chart it is necessary to know the time, date and place of birth. Please don't guess your birth time, if you do your reading may not be accurate and the information could be misleading.

Please note! Your Soul Purpose is included in the Life Chart. You do not need to order both!