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The meaning and essence of astrology is that we are not separate, we are one with the universe.
Life is a whole. You will only understand astrology if you can perceive this wholeness.
If we can simply be one with the universal harmony, that is enough - and it is blissful.


In order to break patterns of ego behaviour that have been recurring for many lifetimes we need first of all to become aware of them. This can be achieved through an intensive spiritual practice such as meditation. We can also increase mindfulness by familiarising ourselves with our astrological birth chart.

The birth chart can be interpreted on a number of levels. When viewed from a karmic perspective, it becomes the symbol of the inner journey we must take to remember our spiritual origin. We are the ocean and the wave. As waves in the ocean, we are unique, original expressions of the ocean. The birth chart symbolises the wave. It is a map of our journey home, showing us recurring areas of ego attachment have hidden our True Identity, and the path of transformation that is available to us.