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"I am ill because of wounds to the soul."

~D.H. Lawrence

The birth chart discloses the secrets of our life plan, which is fundamentally a healing journey involving a number of lessons. The lessons keep repeating, but occasionally we may have to experience ill health to more fully awaken. Dis-ease is often karmic. The karma may have its roots in the distant past and will often be at an unconscious level.

The body is the vehicle the soul uses to reincarnate until we finally realise our Divine nature and are able to leave the wheel of re-birth. We have made a commitment to spiritually awaken but we have little conscious awareness of this intention. We may try to evade the inner journey, because we are afraid to trust there is anything beyond physical life. This is the ego's resistance to the truth. We allow the things of this world to become our true identity and purpose, and become entrenched in addictive behaviour patterns that provide a false sense of security.

The body may reflect fixed thought patterns, emotional traumas, destructive relating, anger and many other conditions of fear. They may have occurred earlier in the present life, or as far back as past incarnations, when we failed to be consciously aware of our inner conflict. Being enmeshed in the delusions of the world, we were unable to see beyond them. As we begin transcend the limitations of the mind we discard old scripts and peel back the layers of the ego. We enter the realm of consciousness that is our True Nature.

Sometimes ill health will precipitate the inner journey. Dis-ease is an opportunity to learn acceptance and surrender. It can also open our hearts to reveal our compassion for all of life. In this way dis-ease becomes a precious gift.