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An astrological chart analysis is a translation of the symbolic meaning of astronomical cycles. This knowledge has been acquired and developed through observation and application over thousands of years. All astrologers agree that our personalities and circumstances are reflected in our birth charts. Those of us who accept reincarnation agree that our present personalities and circumstances are rooted in our previous lives. Therefore, if we accept both astrology and reincarnation it is logical to recognise that our present chart must reflect prior-life dynamics. However, the symbolic language of astrology has not been tested by conventional science.

Astrological forecasting can reveal planetary trends and evolutionary cycles which can be useful guidance and explanation of inner and outer experiences. However, it is important to recognise that astrology cannot predict the future.

Hundreds of my clients have found a karmic reading helpful in understanding how their present-life circumstances are linked to the past and defined by their soul purpose. However, they are not a substitute for orthodox psychotherapy or medical treatment.

Karmic readings may be useful as a complementary therapy for healing. But for serious mental or physical health issues a professional practitioner should be consulted.

For financial, legal and other specialist questions you should always consult an appropriate expert.


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